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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

Heading back to St. John's

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amanda’s vacation is coming to end and we have to head back to Holyrood and the Blue Fin campground.  We are on the road around 8:30 with a temperature of 15 degrees.  The road from Twillingate is another bouncy road and we have to take our time so Elbroko doesn’t shake apart.  It was a nice day until we got closer to Holyrood and then it started getting cloudy, overcast and foggy.  We all start to sing, "waiting for the sun to shine, on a grey foggy day" a great Newfoundland song.  The temperature dropped to 9 degrees, it was just like the weather we left behind a week ago.  I am beginning to think the sun doesn’t shine in Holyrood! 
We arrive back at the Blue Fin around 3:00 get set up and then just relax for a few hours.  We didn’t need to make supper tonight, we ate a big lunch out, on the way back to Holyrood.  Doug needed the hour break from driving, after the rough ride.  Amanda wanted to meet a few of my cousins so I make a few phone calls.  Unfortunately, Delilah was working late at a special function and Linda was at her trailer but would be home tomorrow afternoon.  It is Amanda’s last night on the Island so we have to do something with her.  We decided to take her into St. John’s to George St., the hot spot for the pubs.  Hopefully Doug and I will not be the only old foogies there.  We’ll try to keep up, and give it our best shot!  We find a nice bar called O’Rielly’s. There is a fellow playing guitar and singing.  It ended up being a great night.  He was actually an awesome singer and sang Newfoundland songs as well as some Irish tunes.  Doug and I were not the only old foogies in the pub, however, as the evening went on the crowd slowly switched over to young people.  This fellow finished at 10:30, and another band was coming in, which was obviously for the younger crowd.  Amanda definitely has some Newfie blood in her, she has taken a liking to the Newfoundland music and has really enjoyed her last night in Newfoundland.

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