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Salvage, Eastport Beach

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can you believe it was actually a beautiful sunny day right from the get go!  We had a leisurely morning, just enjoying the sun and a coffee or two. We decided we were going to stay at this park another night, it was such a nice spot.  We did have to go for a little drive to see the area though.  We drove to the little fishing community of Salvage, which was definitely one of my favourites.
Tucked back in a protected bay, with tidy houses and all the fishing sheds and docks were in good repair.  At the end of the road there just happened to be a hike, just what Amanda and I were looking for.  It was just a small trail that wandered past a house, where a lady and her granddaughter were sitting out back enjoying the view and the sun.  We talked to them for a few minutes and she suggested we take the trail to the left it went out to a point and we just might see whales.  
It was a lovely hike that went around Doctor’s pond and gave us a great view of Salvage.  Today was opening day of the Food Fishery so there were lots of boats coming and going.  They could only catch 5 cod per person with a maximum of 15 fish per boat, so they would go out and catch their limit and bring them in and go back out again.  The season only lasts 21 days so they have to get what they can in this short time.  The hike was only about 2 kms but it was beautiful.  It went out to a point of land that overlooked Bonavista Bay.
We did not see any whales today. We were told that the the fish flipping around the top of the water were squid. We also saw lots of small fishing boats along the coast as well.  On our way back the lady we talked to at the beginning of our hike was down on her dock with her son. She called to us to come and see the codfish he caught. Oh my, again these people are unbelievable, we walk away with a bag of fresh codfish right out of the water.
What a yummy lunch we will have today.  I’m sure we will soon be growing gills.  When we got back to the truck, Doug and Amanda were going to go the pub that we passed on the way in, for a nice cold refreshment, while I strolled back through this lovely little community.  I saw lots of photo opportunities when we were driving through, so I wanted to walk, I would catch up with them at the pub.

We hated to leave the patio overlooking the bay, you don’t get a view like that very often when your sitting in a pub.  Unfortunately we had to leave, we had fresh fish in the truck that needed to be cooked!  On our way back to camp we noticed an awesome looking beach that we will definitely have to check out after lunch.  We had a nice relaxing afternoon enjoying the beautiful sand beach. There were a few a souls that braved the frigid waters of the ocean, but not the Dickinson's!

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