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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
 We headed out at 8:40 a.m. to go to Bouctouche in search of the view I had as my background for the past 6 months at work.  And guess what, here it is...awesome!

 Le Pays de La Sagouince which is a dinner theatre with kitchen parties.  Of course we are early for everything as things don’t really get going until later in June. 
Bouctouche was only about 1/2 hour from our campsite which was a beautiful drive through the countryside and along the river. Not every inch of waterfront has a house on it like our lakes and rivers in Ontario. 

Also in Bouctouche we went to the Irving Eco Centre which was developed to protect the Bouctouche dune, one of New Brunswick’s longest sand dunes, and the rare plants and wildlife that live here.  It is limited to the first 2,000 people that arrive.  Didn’t need to worry about that, we saw one other person here and he was a worker getting things cleaned up for the start of season. Great time to come if you don’t like crowds!  

On the drive up the Eco Centre we passed by a mussel farm where one boat was harvesting them on this cooler windy day about 10 Celsius. It always seems colder when your by the water, especially the ocean. 

The coastline was beautiful but then to me all coastlines are beautiful. 

We were supposed to be checked out of the campground by 11:00 but that didn’t happen, Doug and I were out doing what we do best, driving the countryside!  We finally did manage to meander back, packed up and were on way by 12:40.  It is so easy and quick to get Elbroko packed up and hooked on to Hemi ,we can be outta there in half an hour.  The drive to Nova Scotia was beautiful, through very scenic and hilly terrain.  We were sure glad we split the drive up into 2 days, it took longer than the estimated time that Sparky said.  Sparky doesn’t know we are pulling a 7,000 pound 5th wheel.   Hemi had to really work getting up some of those long hills.  Doug is doing an awesome job driving, the more kms we put on the more comfortable he is. He can drive Hemi and Elbroko in and around those gas pumps no problem...we are getting lots of experience there.  By the time we get back from 2 1/2 month adventure he will be looking for a new a career...driving an 18 wheeler!!!  We arrived in North Sydney around 7:30 tonight and found a beautiful campsite overlooking Bras d'Or Lake.  Tomorrow we will be up and on the move early, we would like to be in the ferry line-up by 8:30 - 9:00.  Luckily we are camped only 3 kms from the ferry terminal. Doug will be very happy when we reach land across the Cabot Strait.

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Four Wheeling in Booneyville NB

Monday, May 30, 2011

Allen had been to town for gas and had the 4 wheeler filled with gas and ready to go by 8:00 a.m.  This man barely could make ends meet and yet he spent some of his precious money on gas to make sure we could experience this together.  We even told him we had a can of gas in the truck, but would not hear of it.  That is how awesome these Easterners are.  They would give you the shirt off their back if it would help you.  So off we go, camera in hand to experience the backcountry of New Brunswick. Remember I said they had a wet spring just like we did.  Not even 5 minutes into the trip we came to puddles the size of small lakes, 

We forged creeks and crossed old log bridges ...oh my, I was sure hoping this thing didn’t stall out in the middle of one of those puddles!  The black flies would have our bones picked clean before anyone could get back to rescue us!  Doug did a great job getting us through all the little rivers and mud holes, up and down and all around, it was actually amazing.  I Loved it!  Gotta get us one of these "Wheelers"!!!

We ended up back at a covered bridge  
over a great looking stream (should have our fishing poles) Also back here was Bill’s kitchen complete with pots, pans, cooking utensils and lights that you could hook up to a battery.

We signed the guest book, 

enjoyed the serenity for a few minutes

and decided we should leave before the blackflies told all of their friends about the fresh Ontario blood.

I can remember as a kid having red Trilliums in the bush behind our house.  I have been trying to find a red Trillium for a couple of years now, and finally, way back in the middle of nowhere New Brunswick there they were. We were gone for well over an hour and enjoyed every minute of it, blackflies and all. 

We enjoyed a nice Ham and egg breakfast when we got back, hauled Elbroko out of the ruts we made on the lawn, said our goodbyes and headed for Moncton NB around noon.  

Tonight we stayed in a real campground with hydro, water and sewer hookups, Pine Ridge Campground, 12 miles north of Moncton.  

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A day in Booneyville

Sunday, May 29th

I was up early as usual, you know me, places to do see, things to do, I can sleep later.  I went for an hour walk down the road to see the countryside, luckily, there was a nice breeze that kept the black flies at bay.  After visiting for the rest of the morning, Doug’s sister Donna, and I went to Hartland to see the World’s longest covered bridge. 
The bridge is 1282 ft long and built in 1901, spanning the St. John River.  

From here we went to the Covered Bridge Potato Chip factory. 

We saw how they made potato chips in their little factory and even sampled some hot red chips (made from purple potatoes) right off the conveyor belt.  Didn’t know there was such thing as a purple potato or even a blue potato. But man were they good.  I’m sure they were not very weight watcher friendly but I enjoyed them anyway. 

 And then onto Nackawic the town that Dan and Donna live in to see the world’s largest axe.
 Nackawic was a beautiful little town right along the St. John river. Would have no problem living here. 

We decided to take some backroads home to see the countryside, thank God for Sparky the GPS.  She got us back to the camp no problem but some of the roads we were on sure were backroads!  We went through quaint little towns, saw some great little churches.

We had to wind our way around huge potholes. Not much money spent on the roads in this area.  Dan was getting a little concerned about us, we had been gone for over 5 hours but Doug knows me, when I get behind the wheel and have my camera who knows when I will get home.  While we were gone Allen had dropped off his 4 wheeler so Doug and Dan could go for a ride. 

Doug was in his glory out in the middle of  booneyville, 4 wheeling at it’s best.  Apparently, I was going to see just what it was like tomorrow morning. Yippee!!!!

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On the Road Again....

Saturday, May 28th

Up and on the road by 8:30, we bought our courtesy gas and some coffee and snacks from the truck stop and then realized we were right across the road from a campground.  Oh well, we were only sleeping here.  We arrived in Woodstock, NB around 5:00 p.m. Dan Doug’s brother and his girlfriend Donna met us at the gas station just off the highway, he was so excited to get some company from Ontario, according to Donna he was anxious all day.  Dan and Donna’s camp was about a 20 minute drive from Woodstock way out in booneyville NB. 
 They have had the same very wet spring that we have had in Ontario so it was interesting getting Elbroko backed in on the lawn and set up.  Hopefully we will not wake up in China!  The black flies sure were glad to see some fresh Ontario blood…OMG!  We set up in record time and made a mad dash into the camp before we didn’t have any blood left.  

We had a great visit, heard some interesting stories and reminisced about back home.  Emeline a friend of Dan and Donna’s brought some baked beans over for us, and a neighbour Allen was in and out several times to visit.  He was always on the move.  A great guy, we loved listening to all their stories.  One thing is for sure the Easterners are very friendly and would do anything for you. We had a great day!

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And we are off to Newfoundland!

Friday, May 27th

12:00 p.m. Hemi and Elbroko departed from Baden with their passengers Doug, Kathy and Donna….first destination somewhere around Montreal.  Donna, Doug’s oldest sister is hitching a ride with us to their brother Dan’s place in Nackawic NB.  Dan moved down to Nackawic last August to be with his girlfriend Donna. Well we did manage to have a few incidences on the way.  First of all Elbroko bite a piece out of Hemi on the truck liner when we were coming out of a gas station. And then going through Montreal, of all places, CCM (the bike) decided to kick Elbroko and scratch her, and then CCM got dragged on the highway for who knows how long until some nice people pulled up beside us and gave us some sign language that there was a problem with the bikes.  Just what you want to do, pull to the side of road in Montreal!!!  Doug and I managed to avoid getting picked off and got the bikes back where they were supposed to be and we were off again.  We’ll have to make a few adjustments to the bikes tomorrow.  For now hopefully we will have no more scraping between the vehicles.  Good thing everyone in the vehicles are getting along!  It rained off and on most of the way down.  We stopped in Ste Madeleine, PQ about 9:15 p.m. just the other side of Montreal at a small truck stop and hunkered down for the night.  Our first truck stop….how exciting, 

we are hanging out with the big boys!  

Donna had made some yummy shepherds pie that we could warm up in the oven and then it was off to bed. 

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4 more sleeps!

4 more sleeps and we begin our big adventure with Hemi and Elbroko!

It is hard to believe that the time has almost arrived.  I am beyond excited, Doug maybe not so much.  He will be, once we get Elbroko through Montreal and then on and off the Ferry and we are all safely on the “Rock”.  Don’t forget we are newbies at this.

There was time a month ago that I thought we would be sleeping in a tent for 2 ½ months.  With all the wet weather we were not sure we would get Elbroko out from her burrow.  Luckily we had a couple of dry days and just a sprinkling on the day Doug went to get her.  So no tenting for us!!!!

We did manage to squeeze in another practice run this past weekend with our good friends Cindy and Ray.  We went to Inverhuron Provincial Park on the beautiful shore of Lake Huron.  
We have never camped at this Provincial Park, so we were looking forward to it.   It was opening weekend for Inverhuron so they did not have a lot of the clean up done yet, but that’s OK we had a great time anyway.  The weather was not too bad, at least it didn’t rain all weekend.  We did manage to get a few games of Washers in early Saturday afternoon before the rain.  The guys were triumphant at washers on Saturday but the gals whooped them on Sunday.  And I’m sorry to say the guys were the winners at cards too.  We have to let them win sometimes.  Although it was cooler the sun was out and we could explore the park.   

The campsites were very private with lots of growth between them.  Didn’t really matter there were only about 15 campsites booked.  Why is it that on “Go Home Day it is always nice?”

The next few days we will be busy getting Elbroko packed and organized and finish up some of our outside house work…if it ever stops raining.

The next time you check back we will be on the road somewhere between Baden and Nickawac, New Brunswick,  where Doug’s brother Dan lives.   Donna, Doug’s sister has hitched a ride this far with us.  So we will enjoy a little family time, as it has been a couple of years since we last saw Dan.  We are looking forward to catching up with him.

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