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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

All about Us

Hi, welcome to our blog.  We are the Dickinson’s, I’m Kathy the brains behind the blog, my husband is Doug the brains behind “Elbroko”, our home on wheels.  We live in the small town of Baden, just 15 minutes west of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.  Doug was a 29.9 year employee of a local tire plant, until they closed up shop in our town. After retiring for 7 months, he went back to work as a maintenance man.  I am a 38 year employee of a local Life Insurance Company. 

We have 2 beautiful daughters that are, our world, and 2 great young men that have now taken over the reins of looking after them for us.  We are step grandparents to a wonderful little 4 year old boy, and soon to be Nana and Papa to our eldest daughter’s first child.

We have a seasonal trailer in Honey Harbour, on beautiful Georgian bay, where we have a lot of great friends and enjoy many good times. In the fall we outfitted ourselves with a 2008 Dodge 4 x 4 truck and a 25 foot 5th wheel.  We took it out once last fall, and will take it out a few times this spring before we hit the open road.  So wish us luck!  Hopefully we’ll still have a fifth wheel when we arrive back home!

So why the 5th wheel you ask?  Well, I have camped all my life and introduced Doug to it when we first met.  He loved it, and the great outdoors, and, as it turns out he loved me as well.  So after camping in tents, in vans, tent trailers, and then finally upgrading to a seasonal park model for the past 10 years, our heart is yearning for the open roads once again.  Oh we will still be keeping our seasonal, the girls also love Honey Harbour and the memories we make there.  They will make fine use of it until the wind blows us home.