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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

A day in Booneyville

Sunday, May 29th

I was up early as usual, you know me, places to do see, things to do, I can sleep later.  I went for an hour walk down the road to see the countryside, luckily, there was a nice breeze that kept the black flies at bay.  After visiting for the rest of the morning, Doug’s sister Donna, and I went to Hartland to see the World’s longest covered bridge. 
The bridge is 1282 ft long and built in 1901, spanning the St. John River.  

From here we went to the Covered Bridge Potato Chip factory. 

We saw how they made potato chips in their little factory and even sampled some hot red chips (made from purple potatoes) right off the conveyor belt.  Didn’t know there was such thing as a purple potato or even a blue potato. But man were they good.  I’m sure they were not very weight watcher friendly but I enjoyed them anyway. 

 And then onto Nackawic the town that Dan and Donna live in to see the world’s largest axe.
 Nackawic was a beautiful little town right along the St. John river. Would have no problem living here. 

We decided to take some backroads home to see the countryside, thank God for Sparky the GPS.  She got us back to the camp no problem but some of the roads we were on sure were backroads!  We went through quaint little towns, saw some great little churches.

We had to wind our way around huge potholes. Not much money spent on the roads in this area.  Dan was getting a little concerned about us, we had been gone for over 5 hours but Doug knows me, when I get behind the wheel and have my camera who knows when I will get home.  While we were gone Allen had dropped off his 4 wheeler so Doug and Dan could go for a ride. 

Doug was in his glory out in the middle of  booneyville, 4 wheeling at it’s best.  Apparently, I was going to see just what it was like tomorrow morning. Yippee!!!!

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