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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
 We headed out at 8:40 a.m. to go to Bouctouche in search of the view I had as my background for the past 6 months at work.  And guess what, here it is...awesome!

 Le Pays de La Sagouince which is a dinner theatre with kitchen parties.  Of course we are early for everything as things don’t really get going until later in June. 
Bouctouche was only about 1/2 hour from our campsite which was a beautiful drive through the countryside and along the river. Not every inch of waterfront has a house on it like our lakes and rivers in Ontario. 

Also in Bouctouche we went to the Irving Eco Centre which was developed to protect the Bouctouche dune, one of New Brunswick’s longest sand dunes, and the rare plants and wildlife that live here.  It is limited to the first 2,000 people that arrive.  Didn’t need to worry about that, we saw one other person here and he was a worker getting things cleaned up for the start of season. Great time to come if you don’t like crowds!  

On the drive up the Eco Centre we passed by a mussel farm where one boat was harvesting them on this cooler windy day about 10 Celsius. It always seems colder when your by the water, especially the ocean. 

The coastline was beautiful but then to me all coastlines are beautiful. 

We were supposed to be checked out of the campground by 11:00 but that didn’t happen, Doug and I were out doing what we do best, driving the countryside!  We finally did manage to meander back, packed up and were on way by 12:40.  It is so easy and quick to get Elbroko packed up and hooked on to Hemi ,we can be outta there in half an hour.  The drive to Nova Scotia was beautiful, through very scenic and hilly terrain.  We were sure glad we split the drive up into 2 days, it took longer than the estimated time that Sparky said.  Sparky doesn’t know we are pulling a 7,000 pound 5th wheel.   Hemi had to really work getting up some of those long hills.  Doug is doing an awesome job driving, the more kms we put on the more comfortable he is. He can drive Hemi and Elbroko in and around those gas pumps no problem...we are getting lots of experience there.  By the time we get back from 2 1/2 month adventure he will be looking for a new a career...driving an 18 wheeler!!!  We arrived in North Sydney around 7:30 tonight and found a beautiful campsite overlooking Bras d'Or Lake.  Tomorrow we will be up and on the move early, we would like to be in the ferry line-up by 8:30 - 9:00.  Luckily we are camped only 3 kms from the ferry terminal. Doug will be very happy when we reach land across the Cabot Strait.

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