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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

We made it to Newfoundland...Yahoo!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It was a short night for me.  Up till after 1:00 working on my blog, had to update 5 days. I was awake at 6:30.  I was so excited this was going to Newfoundland day.  

We wanted to be at the ferry terminal by 8:30 so we could get loaded early in the process.  But of course we had to go to Timmy's, it was camp day. We also wanted to fill up with gas so we didn't have to worry once we got to Port Aux Basque, we could head right for the campground.  It was only 6 Celsius this morning a little nippy...good thing we came prepared for all kinds of weather.
Leaving North Sydney Ferry Terminal
 MV Highlander
They started loading the MV Highlander at 10:30.  Do you have any idea how many transport trucks went on that ferry?  Oh my, it was a little nerve racking wondering if that ferry was going to still be floating when we were all aboard. We were underway at 12:00, the temperature had climbed to a balmy 8 Celsius, 2- 3 meter seas expected, and a crossing time of 5 hours.  

The crossing was great and gave me some time to read the bag full of touristy stuff I got at the ferry terminal in North Sydney.  We arrived in Port Aux Basque at 5:30 Newfoundland time.  We Made it!  
Port Aux Basque, NL

The drive to the campground was horrendous!  There is a 30 km stretch along the table mountains that is a wind tunnel, and man, was it windy.  It was all Doug could to do to keep Hemi and Elbroko on the road.  They actually have a huge parking area on the side of the highway that the transport trucks can take shelter in when the winds get so high they have to close that stretch of the transcanada.

We did make it to the Grand Codroy RV camping park all in one piece, and set up in no time, once we managed to get away from the office that is.  The lady in the office was so friendly she had to tell us everything we needed to know of the area and then some!  
Views from our Campsite

We are actually going to our first Newfoundland Soiree, tomorrow night.  All local talent playing at the local hotel.  We wanted to hob knob with the locals so we aren't wasting any time getting on that.  Check in tomorrow and I'll have an update on that.  In the meantime we are hoping that Elbroko doesn't get blown down to the river in these winds. Was down to 4 celsius when Doug was BBQ'ing our pork chops.  Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!! 
Is that snow in tem der hills???
Don't Be a Stranger!

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Your pics are beautiful!!! can't wait to see all of them. LOVE YOU