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Happy Father's Day from Twillingate

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers that are reading our blog.  Doug was missing his girls terribly, they mean the world to him, so I tried to keep him busy.  We went out for brunch in Twillingate, the iceberg capital of the world. We had a great breakfast at a lovely little restaurant overlooking the bay.  Twillingate an island that was connected to the mainland in the 1970’s by a causeway and the Road To The Isles.  It was once a large fishery, but, as is most of the other villages it is in decline.  We did stop at St. Peters church, which is one of the oldest wooden churches on the island, erected in 1842.

We continued on up the road to the Crow Head Lighthouse that was under restoration. 

While we were there 2 fellows were putting a fresh coat of paint on the main house.  This was one of the largest lightkeeper houses that we have seen so far.  So whoever was the lightkeeper here was very fortunate and probably had a huge family.  We only saw one iceberg which was off in the distance. Apparently they have been scarce the last couple of years. There are 2  really large ones coming down from Greenland that are over 10 mile longs.  They may have to blast it up as the oil rigs are in the path.  Unfortunately, we did not see any whales either.  What we did see was this magnificent scenery.

I hiked down a 2 km trail to get as close as I could to the cliffs. We spent a couple of hours here before carrying on.   

Beautiful painted house in Twillingate
We passed through the little villages of Toogood Arm, Kettle Cove, Black Duck Cove and Herring Neck.  I was headed over to Mortan’s Harbour just because it is in the song I’se the bye that builds the boat.  Mortan’s Harbour was a really neat little village scattered around the bay.  I took lots of pictures here, this village reminded me of my visits to the Island from my childhood days.  It is actually very sad to see these little fishing huts and piers mostly just disintegrating as the little fisherman is getting to be a thing of the past.  

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