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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

On my way to see Icebergs

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We left the KOA in Rocky Harbour at 9:20 headed up the west coast for St. Anthony and my icebergs. It was about 16 degrees, mostly sunny skies.   It is 372 km from Rocky Harbour to St. Anthony. The drive up the coast was beautiful, through lots of small towns, Cow Head, Daniel’s Harbour and Deadman’s Cove just to name a few.  The shoreline went from cliffs to flat land the further north we went.  There were lots of fisherman out hauling in their lobster traps again.  The lobster traps are not very far from shore, the bouys are all numbered so they no which ones are theirs.  They are all seemed to be in bunches.  Then we won’t see any for a bit and then there will be lots again.  The season will soon be over according to the fellow at the KOA.  We stopped for gas along the way and it was only 1.37 per litre which was great.  I was expecting to pay way more.  The further up we went there were fewer trees and the ones that were there got smaller.  One of the most interesting things were the piles and piles of firewood stacked up along side of the road in different staging areas. 
 Apparently the local people go back in the winter on their ski doos and haul it out to the roadside and then cut it up to heat their homes.  The drive across the top was mostly bogs.  We had to watch for Caribou and Mooses!  We did see 2 moose  on the way.  We arrived in St. Anthony at the Triple Falls RV park around 2:00 p.m. It is about 7 kms from town. Temperature had dropped to about 8 degrees.  There was no one in the office when we got here so I walked around the park trying to find someone.  A camper told me they were down the way working on some hydro.  We finally got checked in about 40 mins later. Set up and had a quick bite to eat and headed into town to find my icebergs.  Apparently the fog had been in for the past 3 – 4 days so we wouldn’t get a good look at them.  We headed right out to Fishing Point park which is listed as the best viewing location.  The fellow in there drew us a map to get back to St. Anthony Bight, the big one is beached about 100 meters off shore. We followed a couple from London, Ont down the very bumpy gravel road that has not been graded EVER.  I practically ran down the path hoping to get a glimpse of the iceberg.  When we got to the beach we had no idea which way to go, right or left.  It was too foggy to see anything out there.  But I was not giving up yet. 
It has to be out there somewhere!
We decided to go left.  Wrong.  Walked for a few minutes but did not see any sign of an iceberg.  We turned around and walked back around the bay.  We had to walk over tons of tiny seashells, over rocks and a boggy area, but that didn’t stop me. We walked 15 mins stopped and peered out to the bay.

Finally I could see it, but it was just small.  Icebergfinder told me there was a large one.  That was a little disappointing.  The fog dissipated a bit and then we got a glimpse of the large one.  Oh my gosh it looked awesome from what we could see. 

There were a few other small ones there as well.  We will have to definitely come back on a clear day, assuming the fog leaves in the time we are here.  We went into town picked up some groceries and some refreshments for Doug and headed back to camp.  We got back around 6:30, too early to BBQ we had just finished lunch not long ago.  I went for a walk around the park while Doug started a campfire.  The campground is right on a beautiful salmon river.  There are a bunch of seasonal campers in the park, and lots of travelers filling up the sites quickly.  There sure seemed to be a lot of people from Ontario.  The folks we met from Penetang at the fish plant in Rocky Harbour were here too.  They are going on the Discovery Iceberg and whaleboat tour tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to talk to them to see how it was.  I could not get on the internet here, which is very disappointing, it will take me forever to get caught up on my blog!  Oh well, I will now have time to get my pictures captioned, I am way behind on that.  Maybe I will get to bed before midnight while we are here!

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