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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

We are now officially iceberg chasers!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It rained most of the night and into the morning.  We just lazed around, had a nice breakfast and a few coffees.  We finally headed out about 11:30 to see if the fog had left the bay yet.  It was still a little rainy and only 3 degrees brrrrrr!  We were in luck, we had a great view of the iceberg today. 

It seemed like it had actually moved closer to the beach.  Maybe just for me!  It was so awesome to be able to get a good look at it.  Now I can check one thing off my list.

It really wasn’t a nice day, so we did what we do best.  Yup, you got it, drove around to the little fishing villages that were out that way.  St. Anthony Bight, Great Brehat and St. Carols.  Again the majority of the houses are well kept, have fairly new siding on them, not much of a yard.  They are just scattered everywhere, wherever they can get a spot to build.  These 3 villages are pretty much built on rock and many of them have a huge rock as a backdrop to their house.  Great Brehat had a hiking trail that took us out to the rocky coast.  What a view!  If only it had been a clear, sunny day.  Up on this cliff it was very very windy and cold.  One thing we noticed in all the little villages was that the cemeteries were close to the water, and many times overlooking the ocean.  I guess these people have spent their entire lives on, or by the sea, and want their final resting place to be overlooking God's beautiful creation that has been such a part of their lives.

We then headed back into town but noticed that the iceberg had moved over to the other shore and looked like it might be heading out of the bay.  Oh no, I might not get to see it on a clear, sunny day.  We decided that we might be able to see it out at fisherman’s point.  Nope, couldn ’t see it there, but we went into the Lighthouse keepers restaurant and had a coffee to try and warm us up.  We drove to the other side of the bay to the ends of all the roads and still couldn’t see it.  Where the heck is it?.
We decided to go back across the bay to pick up a few groceries we had forgotten last night and on our way back to camp thought we would try one more spot.  There was a hiking trail that went up the cliff so I climbed it in the pouring rain. I wanted to get one more glimpse of my iceberg.  Nope couldn’t see it there either. There was a little one in the bay, which made me happy. 
I was about ready to start walking through people’s yards, I know it is along this shoreline somewhere. So Doug decided (not me) that we should go back to the bay where we know we can see it and try and figure out our plan of attack for tomorrow.  Chasing that iceberg around for an afternoon kept us busy on a cold rainy day, and we had fun doing it.  Tonight we are headed up the coast for Newfie night in a local bar.  Maybe we will even get screeched in.

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