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Working our way towards Labrador

Monday, June 13, 2011
We were on the road by 10 a.m. heading south to Roddickton and then taking the southern road back over to St. Barbe, where we will catch the ferry to Labrador.  Maybe it will be warmer down there.  It is a whole 100 km from St. Anthony’s.   We were taking a little side trip, Doug really wanted to see Englee. Our plan was to camp in Roddickton, a town built around the lumber industry.  But when we got there the campground was not open for the season, so we opted to drive another hour west and go right to St. Barbe.  But first we have to go to Englee.  It was a lovely little fishing village, we parked Hemi and Elbroko in a church parking lot and walked along the harbour street.
At the end of the harbour was a 1 km hike that took us up to an overlook of Canada Bay.  We stopped in Roddickton for lunch and had an awesome fresh Cod fish and chips.  Roddickton has an underground salmon pool which was very interesting.  We drove back a gravel road 2 1/2 kms and then hiked another km back to the pool.  The river actually flows underground for 172 meters and then resurfaces from under this ledge of rocks.  Our timing was great there just happened to be 2 fisheries guardians making their rounds when we there.  They walked back with us and gave us lots of interesting information.  
Today was a good moose day.  We saw 6 moose today and have seen 16 in total.  We have to stay alert, you never when they may dart out onto the road.  One of the interesting things you see along all of the roads in the north are the gardens.  These are just scattered anywhere they can get a flat piece of soil.  When we asked the locals about it they said that most of the homes are in the fishing villages which are built on the rocks and not much soil around them.  They also do not have very big yards.  Basically they grow potatoes, turnip, carrots and cabbage. They are fenced to try and keep the moose out. Some of the gardens seemed to be miles away from any village.
We arrived in St. Barbe around 5:30. We were set up quickly, and I was updating my blog by 6:00 p.m.  The campground in St. Barbe is basically just a parking lot with hydro for RV’s, it had a newly renovated building with laundry, clean washrooms and showers, and bonus, sitting rooms.  Doug was going to sit outside and have a beer and relax, it was actually 15 degrees and sunny.  The neighbours hollered over to him to come on over and join the party.  I soon gave up on the dial up internet and joined them.  We had a great time visiting with a couple from Paradise around St. John’s Nfld and a couple from St. Thomas, Ont.   You meet the most amazing people when you are camping.  It is also a great way to get lots of tourist information first hand.  The couple from St. Thomas was going to be touring Newfoundland for 2 months as well, so perhaps are paths will cross again. 

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