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Western Brook Pond Fjord

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everyday just keeps getting better!

We had another fantastic day.  We took our time driving the 25 minutes up the coast to catch the boat at Western Brook Pond. We saw some awesome scenery. Went into a little fishing village and snooped around.  It is currently lobster season so there were lots of fishermen in their boats pulling in their traps to collect their catch for the day.  It was interesting to see all the wooden lobster traps that are a thing of the past now.  Piles of them everywhere, no longer being used.  Maybe one will find it's way to Baden.  We were lucky to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle just sitting on the cliff. We saw the remains of ship that was run ashore in a storm in 1919. 

We quickly ate our lunch in the truck before our 3 km trek in to catch the boat ride. This trek was a piece of cake compared to yesterdays! Didn't even break a sweat.  The boat trip was worth every penny of the $112 it cost us to go on it.  We had a perfect day weather wise.  The trip takes about 2 1/2 hours and takes you 16 kms in, along side the scenic cliffs of the fjord. Some of the cliffs reach 2000 ft in height and the waterfalls which cascade over the peaks are absolutely breathtaking.   Sorry about all the pictures I had such a tough time choosing tonight.  Larry and Joy our neighbours who are from Southampton came over to our campfire and we chit chatted for quite awhile.  So again I'm up late finishing my blog.  But that's OK, I am thoroughly enjoying doing it. Enjoy the trip into the fjord. Tomorrow we are heading up to St. Anthony and hopefully I get to see my icebergs.  Apparently there is a large one coming down.

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