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More Hiking in Gros Morne

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We had a late start to the day today.  Just lazed around this morning drinking coffee and a having a big breakfast.  It was a beautiful sunny day, around 17 degrees.  We headed out around noon.  I was going on my 10 km hike back to Bakers Brook Falls.  
Bakers Brook Falls
Oh my, was it beautiful.  The hike back was basically flat terrain, and meandered through old scrub forest and over bogs where they had built boardwalks,

 I was thinking I would see a moose back here. There were tons of moose tracks and doodoo all along the side of the boardwalk, even on the boardwalk.  Then I started thinking, if those big guys are also walking on the boardwalk where the heck do I go if I come face to face with one.  I don't think he is going to step aside for me.  I sure didn't want to step off the boardwalk into the muck...yuck.  Maybe I didn't really want to see a moose back here after all.  I probably would have messed my pants if he would have been anywhere close to me.  The reward at the end of my 5 km hike in, was fabulous as you can see. 
My camera sure got a workout back here!  Doug was going to do some brook trout fishing in the area for the 3 hours I expected to be gone.  He did have 4 on his hook but didn't get them landed, he had pinched the barbs off the hook, or so the fish story goes!  We headed back to camp around 4:30, we had a stew waiting for us in the crockpot.  Certainly not the surf and turf we had last night but it was good nonetheless.  After supper we headed down to the harbour to watch the sunset on a great day!
Don't Be a Stranger!

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Shantzholm Pumpkins said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! And what a gorgeous sunset to finish it off! God is good! ;) (And, I'm glad you didn't meet any moose, Kath!)