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Back to Twillingate chasing icebergs

Sunday July 24, 2011

Today we are moving up to Twillingate to take Amanda on an iceberg tour.  Of course it was raining this morning.  It had started sometime through the night.  Luckily by 10 a.m., the time we were ready to hook up, it had stopped.  The temperature was only 9 degrees.  It is hard to believe yesterday we were in our bathing suits sitting at the beach.  We stopped in Gander at the Aviation Museum which was very interesting.
They had several old planes outside and a lot of aviation history inside.  They had an exhibit on how Gander came to the rescue in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  A small town of 10,000 people came together to help 6,500 passengers’ onboard 38 planes that were sent to Gander to land after the disaster of the twin towers. It was very emotional reading the thank you letters and notes from passengers, friends, and governments from all over the world.   What an uplifting story.   There was a fish, fun and folk festival on this week in Twillingate, so we thought we had better make reservations.  We were able to book the last site Peyton Woods RV Park had available that Elbroko would fit on.
I wanted to stop at a little fishing museum that we missed the first time we were in the area.  Wow, what an interesting place.   There were 4 or 5 buildings filled with tons of old fishing gear and antique items.  What a collection we had to snoop through. We were here for over an hour snooping around at all the old items. It was another very windy day so it was a tough drive up for Doug.

He was definitely glad to arrive in Twillingate. Looks like we’ll get rocked to sleep again tonight.  This campground was in a beautiful spot, walking distance to town and a block from the ocean.  We were set up and out at Long Point hunting down more icebergs by 4:30. 
We counted 5 of them off in the distance.  A few of them looked like they were a fair size.  We did not see any of the tour boats out around them so it didn’t look like I was going to get up close and personal with them.  Just to make sure we stopped at the 3 tour boat operators in town to ask is they were going out to the icebergs.  Unfortunately the icebergs were more than 5 miles out and they were not licensed to go that far. Twillingate sure was busier than the first time we were here the end of June.  There were lots of tour buses around which made the tiny gift shops very busy.  Amanda and I did manage to find a few things to help the economy in Twillingate. We were back at camp fairly early, made a nice supper and went on a great walk down by the ocean.  Amanda is very much like her Mother and loves just being by the water, how can you not love this wonderful place!

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