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Bonavista and finding another cousin

Friday, July 22, 2011

Can you believe that it is raining again this morning.  It is almost unbelievable that the weather could be this horrible since June 1st when we set foot on the Island.  According to the people we've talked to it is the worst year ever.  Oh well!  We take our time getting organized, as we are watching the caravan leave. They certainly have things very well organized.  It appeared that 5 rigs left around the same time, they would all help each other get their tow cars hooked up and make sure they had clearance on all sides.  Then about 30 minutes later another 5 would go.  They will all meet up again at their next destination.  We understood that if one of them broke down that there would be one unit stay with them until they were back on the road.  Now that is team work!  After the caravan had left we hook up and head into Bonavista by 10:30.  We wanted to stop at the Ryan Premises a fishing museum that we were told was very good. 

It is operated by Parks Canada and only costs $3.90 to tour.  It was a very interesting exhibit about fishing now and then. They had some old movies playing which really depicted the life of the fisherman from around 1950.  Today they had a retired fisherman in one of the buildings telling his story of life as a fisherman.  He was 85 years old and retired when they brought in the fish moratorium back in the 90’s.  He basically made a good living as a fisherman.  He said some weeks he would bring in $7,000 with his 3 nets, if his catch was good.  What an interesting gentlemen to talk to.

We leave the museum after a couple of hours and start making our way down towards the Trans Canada.  The road on this side of the peninsula was horrible, still not completely repaired from the washouts last year.  Poor Elbroko was really getting bounced around today.  Probably the worst yet!  We were stopping in to see the last of my long lost relatives this afternoon.  My cousin Wayne and his wife Maxine live in a small community of Burguyones Cove.  We dropped Elbroko at the end of his driveway as his house was a kilometer off the road, back a very bumpy, hilly, pothole filled road.  Elbroko sure wouldn’t have liked that trip. We had a great visit, looking at some of the old pictures I brought along.  Their house was high on a hillside overlooking Smith Sound.  What a view!  It was hard to leave after such a short visit, but we wanted to get closer to Gander so our drive to Twillingate wouldn’t be quite as long.

We found a very nice campground operated by the Shriners in Eastport, for $26 a night.   We even had entertainment from the campers in the rec hall.  The Newfoundlanders love music.  I think everyone in Newfoundland can play an instrument of some sort and sing, and they love to entertain, and we love to listen to them.

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