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Baccalieu Trail

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hawthorne Cottage, Brigus
We were up and on the road by 8:00 today,  bright eyed and bushy tailed.  We were taking Amanda on the Baccalieu trail today and we wanted to get all the way around.  When Doug and I did this trail we really only got half way around before 5:00. We had way too many stops and watched the whales for too long.  We drove up the east side of the peninsula through Brigus, Harbour Grace, Carboneer, Blackhead, Caplin Cove and Baie de  Verde.  We skipped over to Grates Cove where we saw the pod of 20 whales last week.  We then went down the west side through Heart’s Content, Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Delight and finally into the fishing community of Dildo. Tomorrow we will go through Conception Harbour on our way to Come by Chance. I just don’t get how they came up with some of these names!!!!
Shag Rock. Whiteway
Grates Cove
Bay de Verde
We had a great day showing Amanda all the little communities.  She was amazed at how the houses are scattered just any which way in the  community.  She is already talking about bringing Mike back.  We got back to Elbroko around 7:00 and quick made supper and to bed fairly early.  We are moving over towards the Bonavista Peninsula tomorrow and would like to get a fairly early start.

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