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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

A very heartwarming day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Doug and I went to a few of the local stores to try and find a CD of Shamrock the band we all enjoyed from the Kelligrews Soriee, but had no luck.  I had promised to go back and visit my cousin Delilah and her husband Cecil and take her the pictures I printed for her.    Many of the old pictures I had were of her family taken over 60 years ago, also pictures of our grandparents and aunts and uncles.  She was so overwhelmed to see these pictures of her family that had been taken so long ago and somehow ended up with my Mother.
Delilah as a child
 It was very special to be sharing this time with Delilah and taking a walk down memory lane with her. Delilah’s mother had died in childbirth when Delilah was only 7 years old.  Her father managed to raise all 7 children, during some very tough times with the youngest being only 18 months.  We had quite a time trying to put names to some of the people in the photos, but with the help of her husband and his memory of some of the homes and the area we managed to identify a great number of them.   What an amazing feeling to have been able to give her several more photos of her mother and her siblings as youngsters.  
Her mother, father and our grandfather
Apparently there were very few pictures of them from when they were young, until now. I had mentioned to Delilah that we had tried to find a CD of the local group Shamrock and couldn’t find one.  Well if I wasn’t totally shocked to find out that she had a copy of both of their CD’s and I could have them, she would get another copy.  And on top of that my second cousin was the fiddle player/singer in the band. What a small world. We had a lovely visit and promised to bring Amanda back to meet them.
We were invited to my cousin’s, Lynn and Carson’s for a "Jigs Dinner", which is traditionally served as Sunday supper in 90% of the Newfoundland homes. Oh my, what a feast we had!  Jigs dinner typically consists of a combination of salt beef, boiled potatoes, carrots, cabbage, turnip, turnip greens, bread pudding, dressing, pease pudding and a cooked turkey, chicken or beef roast.  Lynn went all out with all the fixin’s.  We brought enough leftovers home to keep us going for a couple more days.  It was so yummy!  I also had several pictures in my collection to give this side of the family.  I saved their wedding photographs until last and when I gave them to Lynn she was so overwhelmed.  She only had one other photograph of their wedding which had disappeared somewhere along the way.  What a feel good day for me!  Then the tables were turned.  Lynn shocked me by giving me a painting that her niece had painted of the swimming hole that we used to go to as kids.  I was looking for a painting that reminded me of Newfoundland and this was definitely it. 
We arrive back at camp around 10:30 in time to have a final visit with our new friends from St. Thomas.  They would be leaving early in the morning, probably before Doug and I had our lazy bones out of bed.  We promised to stay in touch and definitely get together when we all arrive back home.  Nancy and Terry were one of those couples you feel very comfortable with and you just click.  We enjoyed our time with them very much.

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