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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

An Emotional Day for Me

Wednesday, June 29, 20111

Happy Birthday to our Sarah!!!!  We are feeling a little sad about being away for Sarah’s birthday but we know she has Stephane to keep her company and make her day special.  Today I am in search of my relatives.  We leave Elbroko around 11:00 and take our time driving along the old highway that went through all the communities that held some childhood memories for me.  Holyrood,  Upper Gullies, Foxtrap, Kelligrews and then to Long Pond and over to Manuels.  I can’t believe how much has changed.  The only thing I recognized was the church. 
Everything else was so built up, new home sub-divisons, Sobey’s, and Dominion grocery stores, pizza places, strip malls and of course Tim Horton’s.  There was no way I would ever find my Uncle Shirl’s house in this!  We were actually headed for Hiscock Lane which was named for my Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Walt. 

Hiscock Lane
I was just going to knock on doors and see if anyone can tell me how to get in touch with some of my cousins.  The first door I knock on a lady answers and I tell her who I’m looking for she said you know Lynn and Karson just pulled in, and their house is right next door. 
Carson and Lynn's house
Remember I said there is no urban planning in Newfoundland.  My Aunt and Uncle were farmers and owned probably 10 acres, some of their children built houses on the property just wherever it wouldn’t interfere with the farm.I had no idea if they would still live there or not. I am so overwhelmed that I am going to find my relatives. Of course I
start to ball, oh great, what a way to meet your relatives after so many years.  Red eyed and blubbering! Doug tries to console me but then I discover he is also teary eyed.  He is so very happy for me that this is actually going to happen.  He is such a big softie with a heart as big as Newfoundland.  I walk up to the door, knock, and Carson comes to the door.  I introduce myself as Kathy, Aunt Evelyn’s daughter and he just grabs me and gives me the biggest hug ever and hauls me into the house. He calls for his wife Lynn and the flurry begins. OMG, OMG OMG I can’t believe this, you look so much like your mother, I can’t believe someone from Ontario came to visit, quick come in here, sit down.   They keep giving me hugs and saying how much they just can’t believe this.   They toss everything off the table and the reminiscing begins. It was so awesome seeing them after such a long time. They had just arrived not 5 minutes ago from being away at their trailer for a week or so.  We apologized for just stopping in like this, and we hoped we were not interfering with any plans, but I told them I had no other way to find them.  Hiscock is a very common name in Newfoundland.  They assured us we were not interfering with anything, not they would have admitted to anyway.  We had an awesome visit and made plans to go to their trailer on Saturday, which is not really very far from where we are staying at the Blue Fin.  My cousin, Evelyn, that I was closest to as a child also lived in the garden.
Evelyn and Mac's house

 We head over to her house and the exact same thing happens.  This time I was interrupting a crafting day.  Evelyn and her husband Mac both knit and make crafts to sell in local stores.  The table is cleared and we tread through all the material that is scattered on the floor and sit at the table for another time of reminiscing and getting the Newfie scoop. We exchange phone numbers and promise to come over again.  We had such an awesome afternoon, but we were not done yet.  I had to drive past where Uncle Shirl’s house used to be, which is now a muffler shop .  I had to visit the gravesites of my grandparents and my one aunt and uncle, which I was very close to. Doug and I wander around the cemetery and I do manage to find both of the gravesites.  So today was a fantastic day for me. 

One of my favorite flowers, Lupins, are in bloom here, deep purple, light purple, pink, yellow. They actually grow wild everywhere.  

Don't Be a Stranger!

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