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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

Re-connecting with the friends we met in St. Barbe

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We were just going to have a “stay at home day” but then Terry and Nancy one of the couples we met at St. Barbe’s while waiting for the ferry to Labrador called and asked where we were camped they were now in the area.  They camped right beside us.  It was so nice to see them again.

We exchanged lots of stories of the sites we've seen and places we’ve been, it was great.  They needed to get a propane tank refilled so we offered to drive them into St. John’s so they didn’t have to take their camper in.  On the way into town we called Janie and Dave the other couple we met in St. Barbes that live in Paradise, just outside of St. John’s and arrange to meet up with them, like we promised.  We had time to drive down to the harbour and see the Terry Fox mile zero, and take them up to Signal Hill, before we head to Costco. We find Dave and Janies house no problem.  We have a few refreshments and go down the street to grab some supper, yes another Codfish dinner, and then back to their house. 

We had another fun visit with our 4 new friends.  It was awesome!  The next few days not much will be happening, we will have to rest up for when Amanda arrives on the 16th.  Those 2 weeks I’m sure will be a whirlwind.

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