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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

Today was another great day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
We decided to stay at the Blue Fin again today, it was raining a bit this morning, can you imagine….more rain!  We did a few loads of laundry, updated the blog and then decided we would try and find some more relatives.

Linda helped me by tracking down phone numbers for Delilah and Daphne cousins I had not seen since the early 60’s.  Delilah came to Ontario and lived with us when she was 16.  After a year or so she longed for her Newfoundland home, and returned.  We were never able to catch up with her on the last several visits to the Island that we had as a family.  But it sure was great seeing her again and meeting her husband Cecil and her son Wade.
Cecil, Delilah, Emerson, Me
Today was their 40th anniversary and they were more than happy to spend the evening with us.  She called her brother Emerson to come down and visit with us as well.  I couldn’t believe how much he reminded me of our Uncle Shirley.  

Delilah and Emerson my cousins
Doug and I had to listen so closely to catch all the conversation.  We followed enough of it to have another awesome visit.  We had not planned on staying for supper but the afternoon just slipped away and they would not hear of us leaving before we ate. We finally tried some Mary Brown’s Chicken.  We have seen these all across the Island and had wanted to try it.  I promised to come back on Monday or Tuesday when she is off, and drop off a bunch of Mom’s old pictures that I will get printed and give to her.  I know she is one of the very young ones in several of the pictures.  Emerson was going to escort us out to the edge of town and said we should take a detour and stop in to see Daphne, Delilah and Emerson’s sister.  She was so surprised to see us as well, no one is ever expecting to have long lost relatives from Ontario stop in.  It is so overwhelming re-connecting with relatives that you have not seen for a long time. Doug is quite comfortable meeting everyone and enjoys every minute of our visits. 

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