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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

Moving towards Bonavista Peninsula

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Today is moving day!  We were up and on the road by 10:30. It started out a grey foggy day and 12 degrees. Hemi almost forgot what it was like to be towing Elbroko, we had been at the Blue Fin for almost 3 weeks. The road up the peninsula was reasonably good not too much bouncy bouncy.  We arrived at the Lockston Path Provincial Park at 1:45.  We had to wait a few minutes for our campsite to be vacated.  $23 for a hydro and water site, half the price of what we pay in Ontario for just hydro.  We only took the site for one night thinking we would move on tomorrow, but then we thought about it we should actually stay 2 nights because we wanted to go to the Trinity Pageant tomorrow which isn’t over until 4:30 and then we don’t have to take Elbroko into town.  Unfortunately when we went down to book for the second night the site we had set up on was only available for that one night.  We would have to move sites for the second, but that’s OK it is very easy packing up and moving.  The weather had cleared for the afternoon and temperatures reached 19 degrees. We headed into Trinity to see about getting tickets to the Pageant and found out you don’t buy them until the day of, just in case it is cancelled for unclement weather.  Then we did what we do best and drove around exploring the countryside and the little communities.
Old Bonaventure
  This area was really hit hard last year from hurricane Igor and the rains that followed.  They still had not repaired all the roads that were washed out, and uprooted trees were everywhere.  You would see the old culverts that had been replaced just laying in the ditches and new bridges were evident everywhere.  I can’t imagine what it looked like right after it must have been truly devastating.   It is very hilly with lots of trees, very much like northern Ontario only bigger hills.  We drove past a huge mussel farm which had hundreds of barrels with strings of mussels growing on them. 
Mussel Farm
We drove down to the Random Passage site where they filmed the mini-series a year or so ago.  We opted not to tour it as the black flies were out and it was getting late.  We decided to go back to camp and had a quick supper and a nice campfire.  The evenings get cool and damp so we don’t stay out too long, besides we are all tired and ready to snuggle into our bed for the night.

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