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Monday, July 4, 2011
Overlooking Conception Bay South
Two sunny days in a row, this can’t be!  It started out at 18 degrees and climbed to 21.  I actually got to wear shorts today. 
Overlooking Foxtrap
We needed to stop at the RV place and ask them about our hot water heater, which has given us a bit of a problem.  Hopefully it is all straightened out and I’m back to showering in the trailer.  We also had to go into the Home Hardware in Foxtrap today, we have a few visitors we don’t really like so it’s time to send them packing. Apparently it is not unusual to have ants, they can walk right up the hydro cord.  Our new neighbours gave us some tips and some other stuff to try.   We ran into my cousins at Home Hardware and had another great visit right in the store.  I love listening to the Newfoundlanders talk, their accents and the phrases they use are great, everyone is “My Love”, or "My Son", phrases like “yes b’y” “yes my son”,” shockin’ dat is, shockin b’y”, “stay where your at and I’ll come where you are to” are some phrases often heard.
View from our campsite
It is so amazing when you’re camping how friendly and helpful your fellow campers are.  It all starts with “What part of Ontario are you from?”  Next thing you know we are all enjoying happy hour together, which lasts longer than hour. I’m not sure why it is referred to as Happy Hour when it’s always way longer than an hour. A couple from Minnesota, a couple from Bracebridge and a couple from Saskatchewan, met a number of years ago wintering in Arizona. They have become good friends and are touring Newfoundland together.
We had a lot of good laughs and few refreshments together.  They will be moving on towards Gander tomorrow and we will be moving on to try boondocking just down the road, on a nice little pond.  We just gotta try it.  We have been casing the site out every time we drive past it.  We even stopped to talk to the previous occupants.  They said there is no problem camping along any of the ponds as long as there is room for you to get your rig in, LOL. (Our rig, yeah, we have just a tiny little rig compared to some of the monstrosities out there) Apparently it is all crown land and you see campers parked all along them.  Our friend lent us his generator so we will still be able to use all of our appliances just not all at once!  We can fill up our freshwater tank before we leave the Blue Fin.  So it should all be good. We really don’t spend a lot of time at the campsite, there are way too many roads in Newfoundland that we need to explore.  We can always come back to the Blue Fin.
Earlier today we went to the Salmonier Nature reserve and walked through the park.  We had to really search for most of the animals they were all snoozing under a log or partially hidden in the tree stumps or long grass.  They had done a great job of keeping the animals in their natural habitat and had a boardwalk through the entire park for us visitors to walk on
It clouded over in the evening and looked like rain. Doug managed to get our Cod cooked on the outside stove with no problem.  We even had some leftovers to share with the neighbours.  We heard last night there is an iceberg around St. Anthony that is the size of 3 football fields, we may just have to go back!  Unless it makes its way down toward Twillingate in the next 2 weeks.  That would be so awesome….stay tuned.

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