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We are off to Newfoundland so tag-along with us.

Out and about in Twillingate

Monday, July 25, 2011          
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The sun was shining with clear blue skies and the temps started out in the high teens.  It was a shorts and t-shirt day.  Yahoo!  We decided to go to the dinner theatre “All Around the Circle” tonight and made our reservations through the camp office. First thing we do is head down to the Lighthouse to see if the icebergs managed to find their way closer to shore in the wild wind last night. Maybe it was just wishfull thinking but they sure did look closer.  Maybe the tour boats will be able to go out to them today.  So into town we go to check it out.  Unfortunately they are still beyond their jursidication so try again tomorrow.  Well that leaves us to do what we do best and tour around to show Amanda the sites of the area.  There was one road Doug and I didn’t drive to the end of, so we head out there first and maybe that will get us closer to the icebergs. 
Amanda and I were just going to walk around the corner to see if we can see them.  My Amanda only has her flips flops on, not quite hiking shoes, but we were only going to go around the corner.
There was a laneway that went down to a beach and by the time we got there Amanda thought we should carry on, up and over the mountain.  I was very concerned about her hiking gear but she insisted she was fine, so away we go.  Doug knows by now that when we strike off we will eventually return and he should make himself comfortable looking out over the ocean, watching the fishing boats come and go. This was an amazing hike that takes us to the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

It is just so beautiful  Amanda and I hate to leave, but we better get back and let Doug know we are still alive.  I’m so glad we didn’t miss this, even though I was very nervous about Amanda trapesing around cliffs in her flip flops.  We make it back and find Doug sitting on a rock enjoying the beautiful day and the view.  It had now reached 22 degrees, the warmest day yet for the Dickinson’s!  We went back to Elbroko for our lunch and a bit of a rest before we head down the road to Morton’s Harbour and Tizzard’s Harbour. 
As we are driving through Virgin Arm we notice some fisherman cleaning fish, so of course we have to stop to chat.  They had a mess of Codfish, the largest was 15 lbs, and again we walk away with a bag of codfish. 

Amanda is so amazed at the Newfoundlander's. They love to chit chat,and then they even share their fish with you.  We are going to have to start travelling with a cooler full of ice if we continue to stop and chat with the fisherman! We continue on our tour enjoying all the little communities along the way.  We can’t dilly dally too much we have to get back and get shined up for our dinner theatre.   The 3 of us decide to take a break from fish tonight and order the stuffed chicken dinner which was excellent.  Not only do the 3 men and 4 women of ”All Around the Circle” entertain you they cook and serve your dinner as well.  This entire evening was awesome, and only cost $30. 
They sang Newfoundland songs, and did little skits that had us on the floor in laughter.  Our whole table was from Ontario. The one lady looked so familiar to me but I just kept telling myself that I’m in Newfoundland I will not know anyone here.  As the evening went on she finally asked if I was Kathy Pitz.  OMG, I can’t believe she knew my name, I certainly could not put a name to her face, but when she introduced herself as Dawn Keller I did remember her.  We went to Sunday school together waaaaaaay back when. Unbelievable, you drive half across our beautiful country and run into people you know. We got back to camp just in time to see  this beautiful evening sky.

Don't Be a Stranger!

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